• Dr. Gerard Jarvis
    Ever since he was a young boy, Dr. J has been keenly interested in health and the way the human body works. That interest, coupled with an equally strong desire to help guide people in taking charge of their health and well-being, led him to Chiropractic. Dr. J comments, “Growing up I was always involved in sports so I was very familiar with injuries. This led to my wanting to be part of a healing profession. I actually thought I might go into Orthopedics or Physical Therapy until I was introduced to Chiropractic. I saw firsthand the benefits of Chiropractic – not only for physical injuries, but for the health of the nervous system, which leads, in turn, to the overall health of the body.
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  • Dr. Shelley Radosta
    As a New Orleans native, Dr. Shelley came back “home” to serve the health and wellness needs of her community and to be close to family. With an office in Mandeville, Dr Shelley comments, “I wanted to settle in Mandeville to be near family. The community has a peaceful feel about it, it’s very family-oriented and we have a beautiful view of the lake. ” Dr. Shelley was a migraine sufferer from the age of 10. She realized early on that traditional medicine didn’t understand all the aspects of the human body, and it certainly didn’t have a cure for everything. She states, “The best traditional medicine could do for me was to try to treat my symptoms using various medications. Even as an adolescent, I knew there had to be a better way to address the signals that our bodies give us. Many years later I was introduced to chiropractic following a car accident and whiplash injury. Through interactions with my chiropractor, I began to learn that chiropractic isn’t just about treating the spine, and it isn’t about bones. The spine is the focal point for Chiropractic because all our nerves exit from the spine and these nerves control the function of every organ, system, muscle and cell in our bodies. So the true focus of Chiropractic is the nervous system. Maintaining the integrity of the joints and muscles that surround and protect these nerves is important to allow proper communication between the brain and all other systems of the human body.”
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